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Hackers claiming to belong to the terror group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), took down the website of the School Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), Gurgaon on Sunday. Later in the day, the SCERT said its website had been retrieved.

A logo of ISIS was displayed on the home page of the website, http://scertharyana.in. An audio of the ISIS anthem also played in the background. According to a staff member of the SCERT, the website was hacked on Sunday morning. However, the staff came to know about it only in the evening.

A police complaint was filed by SCERT director Snehlata.

“We filed a police complaint as soon as we came to know about the website hacking. Now the website has been retrieved,” – Snehlata.

When contacted, ACP (crime) Rajesh Kumar said an FIR has been registered. “The case has been forwarded to the cybercrime cell. We will definitely get all the information about the hacking and the group behind it at the earliest,” he said.

An ethical hacker in town, Himanshu, stressed the importance of updating of websites to ward off hackers. “Many government departments don’t update their servers periodically, as is the practice with private companies. That is what makes them vulnerable to hacking,” Himanshu said.

Talking about plans to safeguard the website, Snehlata said, “We are planning to hand over the website’s maintenance to the NIC to prevent such incidents in the future.” The website gives important information to teachers and students. While teachers get the schedule and details of forthcoming workshops and training programmes, students access the sections on syllabus, suggestions and sample papers on the website.

India’s KFC website  has been targeted by 16 years old hacker [email protected]! on Friday.

The hacker decided to gain access to the fast food site and post a message on the website.

The hacker just want to inform to the KFC officials that they aren’t secure there website as needed.

According to [email protected]!, KFC is very high profile website in the field of fast foods so when he tried to check the security he found a security flaw and instead of gaining a illegal access he just post a message on that website regarding this security flaw.

The hacker left a slightly cryptic message on the site, which read:

hEYA aDMIN secure your website [email protected] Was Here !! I will not leak this vulnerability !! have a nice day brother …… and atlast … your website is hacked by a 16 year old boy

At the time of posting this article the website defaced message  is still displayed 

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The official website of “City District Government Rawalpindi” was hacked by a hackers going with the handles [email protected] [email protected] & [email protected]

Website was hacked on 12th October, 2014, left with a deface page and a message;criticizing the political parties for taking vote and then not fulfilling their promises.  The hackers also asked the visitors if today’s Pakistan was what they dreamed of?

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The Pakistani hackers continue to target Indian Government and other websites.  ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ is to be one of the most active groups that targeting Indian websites.

On May 27,2014 , the hacker known as ‘H4$N4!N H4XOR’ from the group hacked into one of the popular Indian Government websites ; The main page of Taj Mahal website(www.tajmahal.gov.in) is now displaying the Pakistan’s flag.

The message posted on the defaced page reads follows:
“Whatever you fail to detect, will cause your downfall..Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your Security.. Our fight is not against any individual but the system as whole”

It is not the only website defaced in the recent attack. The group also changed the contents of other popular government websites including Agra Fort official site(agrafort.gov.in) and Fatehpur Sikri site.

While other sites are modified to display the hacker’s content in the front page of the site, hackers have placed their defacement page in Fatehpur Sikrisite at “http://fatehpursikri.gov.in/r00t.html”

At the time of writing, all of the affected websites still display the contents modified by the hackers.