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The rumoured Nokia C1, the smartphone that has been in leaks since late last year, has now surfaced in a new render image on the Web. While all the leaks and rumours until now pointed out the handset to run Android with the company’s Z Launcher, the new render shows the smartphone to run Windows 10 OS as well – tipping the handset could be offered in two variants for the two operating systems.

The leaked image render for the Nokia C1 shows the handset in White, Gold, Pink, and Grey colour variants alongside two more units. While the unit in foreground is seen running the Nokia Z Launcher for Android, the one in the background (right side) is seen running Windows 10 Mobile. The tipster who leaked the image said (via Nokiapoweruser) that the handset will arrive in both OS versions.

In addition, while a leaked image from September showed the smartphone’s rear camera at the centre, the latest render shows it placed on the top-left corner. Since Nokia is still silent on the matter, the latest leaked render should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Going by past leaks and rumours, the Nokia C1 is tipped to include a 5-inch FHD display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter. It is said to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow as well. Previous reports have suggested that the Nokia C1 will be powered by an Intel chipset and feature 2GB of RAM.

It needs to be pointed out that Nokia can’t use its brand on smartphones until Q4 2016, because of the acquisition of its devices and services division by Microsoft. Earlier this year, Nokia announced that it intends to get back in the smartphone business by licensing designs to hardware manufacturers. The Finnish-based technology company, which once held the pole position in the mobile handset market, lost its dominance with the rise of Apple and Android smartphones, and its decision to use Windows Phone as its operating system of choice instead of Android arguably speeded up its demise

VLC the world’s most popular video popular video player has launched its biggest ever release of VLC to date. Your favorite open source media player is now better than ever with its stable version of VLC 2.2.0 with another release of VLC 3.0.0 scheduled later this year.

VLC said that this massive release is a result of more than a year of volunteer work on VLC engine and libVLC library. The new VLC 2.2.0 is improved with 1,000 bug fixes, tons of new features and support for new formats.

In its biggest ever release, VLC has covered all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Window RT and Android RT. VideoLAN definitely hopes to continue this coordinated release across all platforms, but VideoLAN president Jean-Baptiste Kempf refuses to make any such promises for future as releasing VLC for all platforms is an enormous task.


Let’s take a quick look at the major improvements in VLC video player and download different versions from the links given in the end:

What different in new VLC and why should you download it?

In-app extensions and subtitles: VLC already provided an extension marketplace offering features like radio, YouTube playlist parser, variety of skins, lyrics fetchers etc. But earlier you had to download them from a website and save to VLC directory. Now you don’t need to do this. In VLC 2.0.0 go to Tools > Plugins and extensions and you got in-app extensions. For subtitles go to View > Download subtitles and perform the search.

Resume playback: This important feature already existed in mobile versions and now it’s available for desktop versions. When you open a previously opened file in VLC 2.2.0, you’ll be given an option to resume playback from where you left it the last time.

Material design: With the release of version 1.0.0 for Android, VLC has now grown out of its beta status. The new version is updated to match the material design of Android.

VLC for ARM processor devices: While people are ditching the support for Windows RT tablets, VLC isn’t doing the same. VideoLAN has released the beta version of the player and you can catch it in the Windows Store.

Support for Digital Cinema Packages: VLC 2.2.0 now supports Digital Cinema Packages used by the movie theatres. Also, the support for interactive Blu-ray menus is new and experimental.

Automatic rotation of vertical videos: This hardware acceleration powered feature is now available on select platforms for MP4, MOV, MKV and h.264 video files.

VLC for UltraHD- 4K: Now VLC manages 4K videos in a better way using VP9 and H265 codecs.

What’s next for VLC?

In a statement, VideoLAN president said that he’s very happy with this VLC 2.2.0 release and they are working on many new features for VLC 3.0.0. The new version is scheduled to be released later this year. It will feature ChromeCast integration, MPEG transport streams, adaptive streaming and more support for other platforms and file types.

Download VLC media players here:

VLC media player 2.2.0 for Windows:

VLC 2.2.0


VLC 2.4.1 for iOS:

VLC for iOS


VLC 1.1.0 for Android:

VLC for Android


VLC 1.1.0 beta for Android TV:

VLC for Android TV


VLC 1.1.0 beta for Windows Phone:

VLC for Windows Phone


VLC 1.1.0 beta for Windows RT: Download it from the Windows Store