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New Delhi: Seems like India and Pakistan are locked in a digital war!
Late Saturday night, the official website of the Kerala Government: kerala.gov.in, was hacked by a person identifying himself as Faisal Afzal aka ‘Faisal 1337′ for reasons unknown.

Well, someone had to retaliate! Within a few hours of the attack, an Indian hacking group hacked more than 250 Pakistani websites, which included official website of Pakistan’s President, official website of Pakistani Govt., official website of Pakistani Railways.

Going by the name, “The Mallu Cyber Soldiers” the group claimed responsibility of the retaliation and announced their act as payback to the Pakistani hack of the Kerala Government’s website.

They also posted a message on their Facebook page, “!!Message to Script Kiddies of Pakistan ….Do not touch Indian Websites !!! Now your 46 Pakistan government websites got crashed and 4 educational websites got defaced. This is a small payback for hacking kerala.gov.in. Faisal 1337 go home kiddo, you are F*ucked.


Source : Zee News

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala government’s official website has been hacked by “suspected Pakistan-based hackers”.

The cybercell police are probing into the incident, which is suspected to have occurred last night.

“State government’s official website ‘www.keralagov.in’ has been hacked by Pakistan-based hackers and efforts were on a war footing to restore it,” home minister Ramesh Chennithala said.

Chennithala said that once Kerala police’s proposed ‘cyber dome facility’ becomes functional, state government will be able to take necessary precautionary measures.

“Such instances of hacking have taken place all over the world. Once the state police’s proposed cyber dome facility at Technopark here becomes functional, security auditing of all government websites will be carried out and we will be able to take all precautionary measures,” he said in a Facebook post.

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The Pakistani hackers continue to target Indian Government and other websites.  ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ is to be one of the most active groups that targeting Indian websites.

On May 27,2014 , the hacker known as ‘H4$N4!N H4XOR’ from the group hacked into one of the popular Indian Government websites ; The main page of Taj Mahal website(www.tajmahal.gov.in) is now displaying the Pakistan’s flag.

The message posted on the defaced page reads follows:
“Whatever you fail to detect, will cause your downfall..Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your Security.. Our fight is not against any individual but the system as whole”

It is not the only website defaced in the recent attack. The group also changed the contents of other popular government websites including Agra Fort official site(agrafort.gov.in) and Fatehpur Sikri site.

While other sites are modified to display the hacker’s content in the front page of the site, hackers have placed their defacement page in Fatehpur Sikrisite at “http://fatehpursikri.gov.in/r00t.html”

At the time of writing, all of the affected websites still display the contents modified by the hackers.