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10 things we learnt about Google this week: Wasted space, gene editing and farts

GOOGLE AND its various offshoots, subsiduaries and parents throw a great deal of new information at us every week. So without further ado, here’s a weekly round up of ten take away announcements and reveals from everyone’s favourite ad-seller come search giant.

  • Works with Nest will live on for now: Despite warning us that all the integrations for our smart devices would die on August 31st, Google now says that will only be a deadline for creating new links on that API. Phew.
  • Android will tell you if you’ve got apps wasting space: Rolling out to the Play Store now is a feature that will send notifications to your device if you have a bunch of apps you never use. And who doesn’t? A little spring-clean can really help your device to fly.
  • Google’s music streaming services now have 15m subscribers: Yeah, that’s a lot. Despite the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music still woefully behind schedule, the two services are looking pretty healthy. Not Apple Music healthy, but healthy.
  • Chromebooks are 8: How time flies! This week we saw the 8th birthday of Google’s browser-books running ChromeOS. At the time people screwed up their faces, but once you realise you can live without Windows (especially when you have access to both Android and Linux apps without dual booting, you have to see their value. Sadly, no plans for dual boot with Windows though.
  • Alphabet has started dabbling in gene editing: Through start-up Verve Theraputics, in association with its long-living Verily division, which looks at ways of living longer (of course), Google is diving on the buzz around products like Crispr – though to what end remains to be seen.
  • Google’s Titan 2FA keys have been recalled because Bluetooth was a bad choice: Google’s dabble in the FIDO key market has resulted in a recall after a problem with Bluetooth security. Given that most FIDO key makers have deliberately avoided including Bluetooth for this exact reason, it’s a bit of told-you-so moment.
  • ‘Trips’ brings all the existing travel search tools together: Google Flights, Google hotels and the Google Trips mobile app are now under one roof to help you make all your travel plans in one place. It also integrates with Google Maps and Calendars for a complete experience, as long as you don’t mind your data being shared with them.
  • Google has been sharing your credit-worthiness and there wasn’t an opt-out until now: Google Pay is a marvellous thing, but some privacy options have been missing up to now – most worrying, any data about your credit history that Google has, it has been able to share with Shopping partners. A new menu will put a stop to that, as well as ducking out of marketing emails and blocking ‘Shopping’ partners from knowing you have a Google Pay account in the first place.
  • Google hasn’t investigated any leaks recently: Despite almost every Google product for the last two years being leaked, pre-revealed, left in the back of cabs and more, it seems that Google, which has previously fired people for leaking, hasn’t been following up. Makes us think that perhaps they really are being leaked by corporate. 
  • Google can smell your stinky farts: Google Live Transcribe, which allows Google to listen and provide subtitles (closed captions) for your entire life has added a new ‘ambient sounds’ feature. It can hear birds tweeting, a sudden siren, and yes, your bodily functions. It’s not clear if it will be sharing any high-methane concerns with a gastroenterologist remains to be seen. 

If you spot any good Google stories that haven’t been covered elsewhere, let us know. You can bookmark this link to see all the Google news we’ve covered, basically, since we started in 2001. μ

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