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911 calls give more detail of Apple staff walking into glass panes on campus

APPLE’S NEW HQ has been causing casualties because it’s just too darn clean.

As we reported last month, the company has made a new HQ building, called Apple Park, that is so based around glass, as per Steve Jobs vision, that people are walking straight into panes.

Now, thanks to a Freedom of Information request made by the San Francisco Chronicle, we can get the exact nature of some of these injuries, thanks to the 911 dispatch recordings.

And if you’re wondering why we didn’t know this before, it’s because Apple has refused to comment on the issue.

Here are a few edited highlights:

Dispatcher: …so tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: We had an individual who ran into a glass wall pane and they hit their head. They have a small cut on their head and they are bleeding, slightly disoriented. We have on-site security with them right now.

Dispatcher: Is he awake?

Caller: He is conscious.

Dispatcher: Is he breathing?

Caller: That we do not know. Yes, yes, he’s conscious and breathing.

Dispatcher: Is there any serious bleeding?

Caller: Yes, from the head.

We also learn that 911 dispatchers still end the call with “Have a nice day”. Not sure when you’d call 911 if you were.

Anyway, whilst the building was still under construction we had this little gem:

Caller: It’s going to be 1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino.

Dispatcher: OK and is that a business? What building is it in?

Caller: Yes, it’s going to be Apple campus.

Dispatcher: What building is it in?

Caller: It’s going to be in the main building, section (is) the transit center, just outside of the main campus.

Dispatcher: OK, how old is the patient?

Caller: Um, unknown.

Dispatcher: OK, is the patient male or female?

Caller: It’s going to be a male, adult.

Presumably, the male adult is still under construction too.

And here’s the third.

Patient: Um, I walked into a glass door on the first floor of Apple Park when I was trying to go outside, which was very silly.

Dispatcher: You keep breaking up. You walked through a glass door?

Patient: I didn’t walk through a glass door. I walked into a glass door.

Dispatcher: OK, one second. Did you injure your head?

Patient: I hit my head.

Dispatcher: How old are you?

Patient: 23.

Dispatcher: Hold on one second, OK. When did this happen?

Patient: About a half an hour ago.

Dispatcher: Is there any serious bleeding?

Patient: No.

Oh. OK. Slightly underwhelming payoff.

What’s slightly worrying (and presumably why Apple are being less than forthcoming) is that this has been happening to Apple staff working in the building when it’s still under construction. That doesn’t look very good. 

But here’s the thing. Apple had a very clear vision for the new campus, and it didn’t include marking the panes of glass so people don’t try and walk through things that aren’t there.

In fact, we’re told that where people have put up electrical tape and post-it notes to mark the hazard, it gets taken down again.

At some point, however, we suspect that health and safety will win out and the designers will come in to bring some sort of protection for life and limb to the glass-walled office.

And Mr. Jobs, wherever you are now, stick to designing paradigm-shifting tech for the celestial host next time and leave the architecture to someone else, eh? µ

Source : Inquirer

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