A Mumbai-based startup helps get you in shape, and earns you goodies as well

We all want to get fit and stay healthy. And as part of the plan, we even manage to get a membership at the gym or get those walking shoes out. But the toughest part is – getting out of the bed every morning.

The StepSetGo app aims to get people out of the workout rut and motivate them to get fit, and in turn incentivise the process of walking itself. StepSetGo lets people earn coins after every walk, which they can redeem in the in-app store for free products or discounts. Available on both Android and iOS for free, the app lets a user earn a coin for every 1,000 steps. 

How does the app work?

There are five levels in the app. On level one, the user can earn five coins per day by walking 5,000 steps. On earning five coins consecutively for three days, the user gets updated to the next level, where he/she can earn up to 10 coins per day.

In level two, if the user doesn’t earn a minimum of five coins per day, he/she will get a flag. Three flags will take them back to level one.The same procedure applies up to level five.

“At level five, you can earn up to 30 coins a day. But it gets tougher as you go ahead,” explains Shivjeet.

A user needs to get a minimum of 10 coins to avail an offer or discount.But he/she needs to get at least 300-500 coins to get the cheapest free product from the in-app store.

“Products can range from discounts vouchers to iPhone. This range will keep changing. The marketplace will keep evolving over time and introduce new products to engage the users,” he says.

Once the user accumulates a minimum number of coins, the app either redirects the user to the brand’s website or allows them to buy on the app market itself, depending on the tie up with the brand.The team says there is no expiry on the coins earned, and users can redeem it anytime.

To make it more fun and interesting, the app also allows users to compete with their friends from the contact list.

Future plans

Bootstrapped StepSetGo is currently focusing only on walking activity, but plans to add cycling, jogging, calorie-based exercises, etc., in the future.

It also plans to hold events based on the leaderboard in the future, where it will make the user compete for high-priced value. The team says it is waiting for brand collaborations for the same.

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