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A smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch should be coming this year

A smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch should be coming this year

It’ll probably look like this, but smaller. So stand further back from your screen for an artist’s impression.

THAT SMALLER, CHEAPER SWITCH we mentioned back in February? It’s coming this fall, apparently, which is “autumn” if you insist on disregarding Americanisms.

The news comes from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, which reiterates what we already know without adding much by the way of new colour. It’ll be smaller, it’ll be cheaper and it’ll be more focused on the handheld experience, though the report does say that it will retain the ability to be connected to a TV.

That makes us think it’ll have soldered on Joy-Cons, but will be compatible with other wireless and wired pads when it’s docked. That’s just out theory, but it’s the best way we can see of squaring that curious circle.

The report also namechecks the rumoured more powerful redesign, but it’s clearly some distance away.

If this all seems a bit detail light, it’s because Switch revisions aren’t really the focus of the report, which is more an assessment on how Nintendo’s internal culture is shifting. The article headline, which almost certainly loses something in translation, comes up in Google Translate as “Nintendo, the kingdom of mogul originality creeping black ship,” which feels more like someone opening the dictionary on random pages than a genuine call for clicks.

In any case, there are some other choice tidbits, including the fact that Nintendo’s “Quality of Life” business has been shuttered, five years after it first appeared. This sleep-tracking project was Satoru Iwata’s baby and has looked shaky ever since his death in 2015. Nikkei’s source says it was cancelled because the company couldn’t find a way to Nintendo-ify the whole thing.

Rumours of a life-sized Waluigi mannequin that watches you sleep with occasional words of encouragement couldn’t be confirmed. Chiefly because we just made them up. µ

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