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AI-generated petitions are the funniest thing you’ll see all day

AI-generated petitions are the funniest thing you'll see all day

Calm down, dear. It’s just some offensive fireworks

ONCE IN A WHILE, we like to share some of the work being done by AI researchers, not because it’s earth-shattering, but because it’s ruddy funny and it gives an insight into how neural networks ‘think’.

The undoubted Queen of this… yeah… we’ll say it… artform is Janelle Shane, a research scientist in optics that loves seeing what she can make machines learn.

This weeks entry is a particularly fine one. Janelle has fed 190,000 petitions into a neural network and set it about making its own. She explains: “The neural net I ended up using is 117M-GPT-2, by OpenAI, which is better at stringing together readable sentences than some of the other neural nets I’ve used.

“It also comes with a lot of prelearned knowledge about how words are used in sentences, and how they relate to one another, so it will even suggest things that aren’t in the training data sometimes.”

After training it with Google’s free GPUs and tweaking the settings, the results began. So if you’re angry, see if you’re as angry as an artificial brain:

Dogs are not a thing!! Dog Owners are NOT Human beings!!

Taco, Chipotle, and Starbucks: Bring Back Lettuce Fries

Sign Petition for Houston’s New Fireworks to be Offensive

Of course, not all of them are going to be winners:

Unicorn: Stop breaking crab products

One Highway, Four Hens, Highway 1

But some of them are:

Everyone: Put the Bats on YouTube!

Dr James Alexander: Make the Power of the Mongoose a Part of the School’s Curriculum

We’d love to show you them all, but we think that would be unfair on Janelle and her rather excellent blog AIweirdness – but here are a few tasty ones:

Theresa May MP: Stop The Pigeon Rally in Great Britain

Anyone: Stop the use of the word ‘shoe’ in a derogatory way

Denny: Put one more black bee sweater on Em1nt du Poste

If you feel really strongly, many of these petitions have actually been posted to – let’s change that lettuce fries policy together.

Subscribers to the mailing list get full summaries of some of the causes too – here’s a little taster: “On Monday I published this article about the FDA, and how it determines if lettuce is safe to eat. Second, this March I wrote about my own recent encounter with a Starbucks customer who asked me if I, for some reason, should buy lettuce. This turned out to be a lie.

“The real reason I don’t like lettuce is because my daughter is eating it.”

If you need a really good chortle, here’s the link. And if you don’t fancy petitions, there’s paint colours, heavy metal bands, cookies and guinea pigs all generated from the ghost in the machine. μ

*not a sentence we ever thought we’d write

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