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AI has created the ‘greatest love song’ for Valentine’s day. It isn’t

IT’S VALENTINES DAY, a day to get down the garage, buy some wilted carnations, scribble inside a card with a teddy bear on it, and then expect some dinkle action, despite 364 days of neglect.

All this is a bit of an alien concept to an AI though, so it’s not surprising that when asked to create the greatest love song of all time, it made a complete hash of it.

The song, entitled ‘Downtiration Tender love’ was created by media agency Search Laboratories and its “character-based Recurrent Neural Network,” that uses Google’s open-source machine learning software, TensorFlow loaded up with 999 snippets from the world’s greatest love songs.

The result is brilliant, but for all the wrong reasons, serving as a reminder that we’re still a long way from Skynet.

Lines like “I ask the curtains, it wasn’t fake / Pretend I don’t matter I’ve been tall / Soul wasted after for these / of L.A pringing Hey, hey, hey” really aren’t on a par with Celine Dion or Stevie Wonder. In fact, even Gemma Collins could probably have done a better job.

Well, possibly.

The issue here is context. Although an AI can imitate the structure and style of a song, it doesn’t understand what love is (it wants you to show iiiiiiiit) or indeed have any comprehension of exactly what it’s saying – it uses words that “sound right” but don’t necessarily express an emotion that it wants to convey.

“Lamil’ like Love, love, love, / love beautiful waiting Will / keep us to the same / you and me That’s what you go, woo”

See what we mean? Though it’s still better than ‘Chasing Cars’.

You can listen to the whole song on YouTube (we’ve posted it below, you lucky things) if you have a strong stomach. Maybe you can even learn it to serenade your sweetheart with it later on.

But not if you want to keep them.  μ

Source : Inquirer

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