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AI is in its ‘infancy’ and can’t be regulated yet, says Intel CEO

INTEL CEO Brian Krzanich has said that artificial intelligence is in its ‘infancy’ and can’t be regulated yet.

Krzanich, speaking to CNBC on Tuesday, said the technology is simply too “infant” to be pushed through regulatory bodies, despite calls from other leaders in the industry to keep the technology in check.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is one of the most prominent figures warning about the dangers posed by the technology, most recently warning that AI is the most probable cause of World War III.

Stephen Hawking also said recently that, if AI is left unchecked, it could result in the end of human civilisation in the future.

“AI is only going to go into applications that we allow it to go into … it’s in its infancy,” Krzanich told CNBC in a TV interview at Web Summit conference in Lisbon.

“It would be too early to do any kind of regulation today. What would you regulate around artificial intelligence today? We need to foster the innovation and allow it to grow. We are at the beginning stages of artificial intelligence.”

He believes that AI isn’t a massive threat like many are suggesting, especially in terms of jobs. “Every time there has been a big shift in technology, go back to cars or aeroplanes, people thought the industries were going to die, people were going to be out of work,” he said.

“What happened is it shifted and it actually augmented and allowed even more jobs, more opportunity, more commerce and so AI is going to do the same thing.

“It doesn’t mean there are less skilled workers, it means they are able to focus and we’re able to treat more people. We’re able to serve more of mankind with the skills that we have.”

Governments and organisations around the world are already developing laws to regulate AI and robotics. In February, the European Parliament drafted laws to ensure the technology doesn’t get out of control. µ

Source : Inquirer

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