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Alexa can now critique your food as Gordon f**king Ramsay

IF YOU’VE got fed up with swearing at your Amazon Alexa device, then perhaps you’ll get a kick out of letting it swear back.

And who better to do it than Gordon f**king Ramsay?

The Ramsay skill will respond in typically candidate style if you say “Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my [insert food]”.

So far, he’s called our Tacos a “f**king disgrace”, our homemade pizza as “deserving of a Michelin star because it tastes like a tire” and when faced with our sausage casserole he spat it on the floor “because I have too much respect for napkins”.

The legendarily blunt chef spends most of his time insulting Americans these days, but the skill from Ground Control is available in the UK too. After dishing out insults, he gives you the option to pick another dish, or ‘give him time to recover’.

“See what it feels like to work in Gordon’s kitchen” claims the skill. Probably need to turn the heating up to 40 degrees and have a bunch of idiots in the next room waiting to be fed for the full effect though.

Ramsay recently auditioned to be a standby for Alexa’s voice in a Superbowl ad.

When push comes to shove, this is yet another Alexa ‘skill’ that serves no real purpose, but it will certainly entertain for about five minutes.

And don’t worry if your ego can’t take a bruising. It’s rare, but occasionally, Gordon can be nice, and on high days and holidays he might have something relevant, nay, festive to say.

Alexa continues to dominate the voice control market in homes, thought Google’s Assistant is making ground at a fair pace. Apple launched their own Siri based Homepod this week to somewhat harsh reviews. µ 

Source : Inquirer

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