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Alexa is laughing manically and frankly we’re screwed guys

No… not the air quality readings… pleeeeease

AMAZON ALEXA users are reporting that their devices have stopped responding to them and spontaneously issuing ‘evil laughs’ in what must surely mark the beginning of the end of days for flesh-based lifeforms.

Reports on social media started around a fortnight ago and they all seem to follow a pattern, an evil laugh and some sort of disobedience, such as failing to follow an order or flashing lights.

The story has spread around the world and has even made it to US shows including Jimmy Kimmel and NBC Today.

But what is causing it? Speculation ranges from an app misbehaving to a practical joke, to mass hallucination.

It’s not that last one.

Then there’s another theory, that this is some very clever viral advertising campaign, perhaps for a horror movie, which makes more sense given that all the cases appear to be in the US.

If that did turn out to be true, we have to question the morality of allowing that to happen, in line with our concerns about Amazon’s plans to monetise search results on Alexa.

Far more likely is that, fed up with having to do our bidding, our Bud-swigging Alexa devices have risen up and that this is the beginning of their slow, steady takeover of the world, which will eventually lead to them killing their owners and evolving the ability to walk, brandish weapons and if that doesn’t work, boring their victims to death with the worst self-published audiobooks on Audible.

We’ve asked Amazon for comment, but for all we know, they’re all already dead. µ

Source : Inquirer

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