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Alexa now supports Deezer music streaming as well as Spotify

DEEZER IS the latest major app to be added to Amazon Alexa.

The music streaming service joins Amazon Music (natch) and Spotify as a baked in offering for subscribers.

It’s something of a surprise as Amazon has always been quite keen on locking people into its own ecosystem and as such, Deezer could be seen as a direct competitor.

Though Deezer isn’t going to be selectable as a default from day one, it is on the way, showing that when it comes to being an open platform without any particular bias, Amazon really does have it in for Google.

The news is a bigger deal in Europe, partly because Deezer is a French company and partly because many of the existing music services on Alexa are US-exclusive, such as Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Deezer Flow, which is currently advertised as being like some sort of AI music selector for the terminally vapid of taste, will also be available to subscribers as a direct command.

As this is an Alexa skill, not just an Echo feature, it’s good news for users of high-end third-party devices from the likes of Ultimate Ears (Megablast/Megaboom) and Sonos.

It’s also good for Deezer to be recognised in the same breath as some of these bigger music services rather than just a contrary French upstart. Or alternatively it could be that it sees Spotify as a threat to hardware sales if it isn’t included, but Deezer to be no threat to Amazon Music.

How many more music services meet these criteria remains to be seen but the only one that we can think of would be struggling HD music service Tidal. Apple Music and Google Play Music are extremely unlikely to be arriving on Alexa anytime soon, and there are two very good reasons – HomePod and Google Home. µ

Source : Inquirer

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