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Amazon Alexa is suffering widespread borkage across Europe

AMAZON’S ALEXA is suffering major disruption across the UK and Europe. 

Down Detector shows that the so-called “smart” assistant has been beset by issues since 8am UK time, and while it appeared to be bouncing back by 9.30am, some Echo owners – including us here at INQ – were still experiencing problems at the time of writing.

Here at INQ Towers, Alexa tells us “it’s having trouble understanding right now”, while others are reporting that their device is fully borked and won’t respond to commands whatsoever. 

Naturally, Amazon Echo owners – some who are unable to control their smart home appliances using the AI assistant – have taken to Twitter to moan about the outage. 

Amazon has yet to comment, but it’s advising users to restart their Echo device – to no avail. As Engadget reports, it’s likely that Amazon Web Service (AWS) service issues are to blame. 

We’ll update this article as we hear more. µ

Source : Inquirer

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