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Amazon brings the Echo Show to the UK giving Alexa a video screen

AMAZON HAS released its ‘Alexa-with-a-screen’ Echo Show device in the UK.

The Amazon Echo Show adds a screen to the existing Echo device range, allowing you to make video calls, watch camera feeds and view your lists.

It also doubles-up as a Fire TV device meaning you can watch TV shows from a wide range of broadcasters (including Amazon Prime Video, of course). Sound comes from a stereo Dolby speakers, and because it’s an Alexa device, it works in partnership with other devices around the house for things like inter-room calling and multiroom music.

Flash Briefings can now be configured to include video content with launch partners including OpenTable (restaurant booking), Just Eat (take away orders), National Rail (erm… national rail), Mercedes (cars), BBC News (news), The Telegraph (right wing news), Evening Standard (London news), LBC (news for taxi drivers), MTV (news of famous people your kids know), 7Digital (music videos), Recipedia (recipes), Mail Recipes (right wing recipes), Sky Sports Super 6 (feetballs), Liverpool FC (northern feetballs), Arlo (Netgear security cameras), Ring (doorbells and security cameras), with more being added daily.

We’ve been a little harsh on the design of the Echo Show – it’s not the prettiest of devices for having in your home, but in the world of personal assistants, it’s definitely a game-changer and it is rumoured that Google is rushing out its version ahead of schedule in order to catch up.

At present, YouTube is not available on the Echo Show after Google pulled it from the service in September

The Amazon Echo Show is £199.99 and available in both black and white. Ordering two gets you a £100 discount, as both Amazon and Google begin aggressive Black Friday discounts.

Amazon has also quietly added Chromecast support to its Amazon Music service on Android, suggesting that, as we suggested when Alexa first came to the UK, it is not averse to cooperating with the Google ecosystem, if there’s mutual benefit. µ

Source : Inquirer

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