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Amazon completes its $1bn takeover of Ring

AMAZON HAS completed its purchase of smart home security company Ring and has immediately slashed prices.

The Ring Video Doorbell has been reduced to $99 (£89) on Amazon in a move that we are led to understand is permanent. This knocks the price down by roughly £50 in the UK.

The deal, first announced at the start of the year, is rumoured to have cost Amazon $1bn as one of two major acquisitions to bolster its smart home credentials.

Late last year, the company also bought Blink, a maker of modestly priced security cameras, in a move that, it has been speculated, is as much about the company’s incredible battery life patents as about the products themselves.

Ring was launched by entrepreneur Jamie Smirnoff who is to remain with the company as its CEO, retaining separate branding and independence from its new parent.

Its flagship product, the Video Doorbell, already has compatibility with Amazon Alexa, and it is expected to have even tighter integration with the companies range of cameras and sensors.

There is some overlap between the Blink and Ring offerings, though Blink has a stronger presence in indoor cameras, whereas Smirnoff once said of the Ring range “if an intruder gets in and you need an indoor security camera, we’ve already failed”.

But then didn’t Steve Jobs say something similar about styluses? And look at Apple now.

The two companies will act as combatants against Google’s Nest range which has been absorbed into the main company and recently launched, amongst other things, a video doorbell of its own.

Smirnoff said: “I call this deal a milestone and not an acquisition or an exit, because I see it as a step along the road of our mission to provide effective and affordable protection for neighbourhoods.

“Combining with Amazon allows us to come into a large organisation that has a lot of different support mechanisms, and leverage them, be it technology, a service or something else, to scale much faster than we would have been able to do before.”

In reality, then, the battle remains between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And make no mistake, that’s also a battle for data – and yes, Ring will be sharing all of its data with Amazon. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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