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Amazon fires employees accused of helping sellers manipulate listings

Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you… oh… P45

AMAZON HAS fired a number of workers after an investigation in to seller fraud on the platform.

The offenders, based in the US and notably in India, have been let go after allegedly passing internal data to third-party sellers. Other suspects in the countries, as well as China have had much of their security clearance recinded, and their computers blocked from downloading to usb sticks, to  try and prevent further leaks.

One of the main charges has been the deliberate sabotaging of rival offerings with fake reviews and false fraud reports. Amazon has responded by taking down thousands of reviews it describes as suspicious.

Another trick is buying wholesaler accounts on the dark web, giving the buyer access to far more access to listings and the ability to tweak them at will.

Amazon has released a statement explaining: “We hold our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our Code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties.

“In addition, we have zero tolerance for abuse of our systems and if we find bad actors who have engaged in this behavior, we will take swift action against them, including terminating their selling accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds, and taking legal action.”

The firings are a second wave for the company, after an employee was fired in October for selling email addresses to third-party sellers. It’s not clear if the two cases are directly related.

Amazon has not detailed the number of employee firings in this latest purge, or hinted as to whether this marks the end of the investigation – we suspect not.

Amazon’s third-party listings are something of a frontier town anyway, and the rather bizarre search engine that the site uses means that dirty tricks are becoming an inevitable part of visibility, with fake reviews and inaccurate descriptions now getting out of control.

Amazon has a clear mechanism for reporting suspicious listings and actively encourages users to use it.

Jeff Bezos is currently spending $30m on a clock. μ

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