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Amazon is delivering 1,000 jobs to Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge

CURRENTLY, ROUGHLY 0.041 per cent of the UK population is employed by Amazon. That’s set to rise to a whopping 0.043 per cent, as the company has announced a 1,000-strong recruitment drive in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

Its Edinburgh and Cambridge R&D branches are best known for working with search technology and noodling with the Alexa AI assistant. The Manchester recruitment will be for the city’s first Amazon corporate and R&D office. Between them, the total number of people employed by Amazon in the UK will hit 28,500 – roughly the population of Chichester, stat fans.

The move is of course being painted as a rare bit of good news for Brexit Britain –  the slightly shaky logic being that if Amazon still has faith in the UK, then everything must be going smoothly. Still, it managed to give Liam Fox something to do, which is nice considering his current role of Secretary of State for International Trade is somewhat limited.

“Ensuring that the world’s best and brightest companies continue to invest and innovate in the UK is at the heart of our Global Britain agenda,” said Fox gleefully in a statement.

“Amazon’s decision to create hundreds of highly-skilled jobs in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge is an enormous vote of confidence in the UK and a signal to the world that the UK is very much open for business.”

Of course in the long run, Amazon is generally more keen on taking away jobs than creating them. Not only has the firm driven the change of climate that has seen thousands of high-street shops close, but it has also worked tirelessly to create a grocery store without checkouts. And the word on the (largely empty) high street is that Amazon will be bringing said stores to the UK in time too.

Still, that’s a problem for tomorrow’s government. Today, our leaders can point to a tangible scrap of evidence that this Brexit boondoggle is going great. Rule Britannia. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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