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Amazon is paying warehouse job to say how awful their jobs aren’t

Yes. We want to work here. For ever. And ever. And ever

OK, THIS is getting into creepy territory. Amazon appears to have a team of clones with Twitter accounts dedicated to how much they all love working in Amazon warehouses.

Thing is, the whole thing would be a dang sight more believable if we weren’t constantly hearing undercover stories and seeing undercover videos that rather p*ss on that campfire.

Making them even less convincing is that all the accounts follow the same format. The same picture of the Amazon smile as a backdrop, they all follow the syntax of @AmazonFCfirstname and they all have almost identical bios showing their position at Amazon.

The “ambassador” role is, seemingly a bit of a rip-off. The staff are paid to say nice things and more importantly, counter any criticism they see of Amazon working conditions.

Problem is that these accounts reak of inauthenticity to the point that even if they are telling the truth, they still come across as utterly unbelievable. It’s quite clear that Amazon is pulling their strings for their page design, so how can we believe their testimony?

The whole thing smacks of an attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes and the public tend not to like that sort of thing.

Take ‘Phil’ for example:

Which has actually done more to convince us that they have to wee into buckets without stopping than undercover testimony ever could. Or this:

Smy, you’re clearly under the influence of mind control. Nobody. NOBODY says this in real life. In a tweet posted just today, ‘Amy’ actually tweets about how much she’s looking forward to a wee and to start her second shift of the day.

In short – possessed, batshit crazy, or lying. You be the judge.

It’s very easy for us Brits to pass judgement on this. After all, maybe, just maybe they genuinely would call Jeff Bezos “Lord and saviour” unprompted. We just assume they wouldn’t because this scheme would last less than a day in the UK. 

So, finally, a tip for you, Amazon, if you really want to convince us, then get your Midwich Cuckoos to dial down the bombast, yo? μ 

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Source : Inquirer

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