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Amazon is testing video adverts for its Android and iOS apps

Amazon is testing video adverts for its Android and iOS apps

Amazon ads are nothing new

AMAZON HAS found a new way of annoying its users, with a plan to put video advertising in its smartphone apps.

All together – EWWWW!

The company has been testing the adverts in a closed group of iOS users over the last few months, Bloomberg reports, and is looking to expand it out to Android later in the year.

For advertisers, it’s a golden egg; a chance to pitch your product directly from Amazon’s search results, secure in the knowledge that if they’re watching the ad, you’re already halfway there.

It makes sense. If you’re watching a video and a pre-roll ad comes up, your brain isn’t it “shopping mode” it’s in “get to the content” mode. With an Amazon search, you’ve already got one hand on your wallet.

Conversely, this could be a massive misfire, bringing intrusive content to an already clunky interface (though UK users may have noticed that their site has been updated to the slightly better US format this week).

Advertising on Amazon is not a new idea – sponsored listing and banner ads related to searches are becoming the norm for the retailer, but the idea of video content is pretty new, reflecting Amazon’s desire to get a piece of the huge pie that video advertising offers.

For users, however, it could prove to be a massive upheaval (and indeed turn-off) if it’s not carefully and “sympathetically” implemented. Indeed, Amazon has been reticent to add video advertising in the past, as it was felt that there was a danger of it detracting from the shopping experience.

Microsoft isn’t exactly a spring chicken when it comes to video content, however, as you can witness through its Fire and Kindle lock screens, Amazon Prime Video service and ongoing rumours of sponsored results for Alexa.

Amazon has refused to comment on the matter because Amazon never comments on anything it doesn’t have to. μ

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