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Amazon might take on Sky with its own Fire OS smart TV

AMAZON IS RUMOURED to be planning to market its own television to rival the likes of Sky and Netflix.

The TV, which has been designed by a consortium led by Huawei, is currently being tested for UK compliance, behind closed doors, according to The Telegraph.

Amazon Prime Video has a range of original content which has been acclaimed including the award-winning Transparent and Man In The High Castle, as well as exclusive global rights to a number of series including Lucifer, which it rescued from cancellation.

It has also acquired a number of sports rights, including ATP Tennis (excluding Wimbledon) and a package of Premiership football matches. These are carried by a number of ‘Amazon Channels’ on the service, which are payable on a granular ad-hoc basis.

However, engagement with Amazon Prime Video is still limited. It’s an “as well” rather than the “instead” that the company hoped for. With no sign of the public service broadcasters and major multi-channels being added to the service, Amazon is having a rethink.

The new TV would be powered by Amazon’s Fire OS, the same system that currently powers its Fire TV range. The difference would be that rather than switching inputs to access the stick, it would be the main OS of the television rather than webOS, Android or whatever the hell Samsung uses.

It’s not clear if there would be some sort of hybrid offering that would allow DTT (Freeview or Freesat) to sit within the Fire OS environment, or whether Amazon thinks you should sort that out for yourself.

We suspect it will have to be compatible with linear television. We’re not quite ready to give that up yet, though it would, theoretically, be accessible via apps such as TVPlayer and BBC iPlayer.

The news comes after an experimental US rollout of Fire OS powered televisions in association with Best Buy last year. μ

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