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Amazon wants you to get (almost) naked for $25

WOMEN OF THE INTERNET are no stranger to the tiresome experience of online randoms trying to get their clothes off, but it’s a bit unusual when said random is the world’s largest retailer.

Yes, Amazon wants you to get your kit off in its Body Labs office in New York. But no, it’s not creepy – it’ll even give you a gift card if you agree to bare all. Yes, this does sound like the kind of scam usually picked up by Gmail, but it’s absolutely genuine.

“We are offering a $25 gift card to individuals (18+ and non-Illinois residents) who are willing to participate in a 30-minute session at our Union Square office in New York City,” reads an invitation so creepy sounding that it’d make your most hardened Craigslist pervert feel queasy. “Women: bikini preferred, or form-fitting shorts and sports bra,” it adds.

The reason it wants this data? “To learn about diversity among body shapes,” apparently. The 30-minute session will involve a casting couch survey; height and weight measurements; 3D scan, photos and videos in everyday clothing; and the same again in “form-fitting clothing that we will provide.” Boundaries, Amazon. Boundaries.

You’re only eligible if you’ve not been scanned before, and all the data is intended for internal use, so you won’t suddenly find your likeness being used on the next smart speaker or anything. Mashable’s Matt Binder signed up for the scanning, only to find that participants were expected to sign an NDA legally preventing them from discussing what happened on the day with anyone. Even a therapist.

Now we’re off to jiggle naked in front of the Echo Show camera and send a $25  invoice to Amazon. When the company pays up, we’ll use the voucher on an appropriate self-help book to get over the trauma. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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