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Amazon’s new Alexa goodies are launching today and two have already leaked

AMAZON’S new Alexa hardware has leaked ahead of a planned announcement later today.

We weren’t blessed with the Alexa-enabled microwave (thank goodness) but we are getting to see a Smart Plug and a sub-woofer.

The smart plug seems a bit of an unnecessary addition to the range, given the Echo’s compatibility with tonnes of existing identical products, made wider still by the Echo Plus with its Zigbee credentials.

A holding page (now gone) for the plug says it’ll be ninety-five blooming quid (£95! For real!) but we suspect that will come down by a considerable amount. Given that a quick scan of the site suggests an identically featured device for £8, then we’re thinking that’s a bit of a troll by Amazon.

The Echo Sub spotted by Pocket-Lint, adds a 100w bass bin to your existing Echo or Echo Plus. Given that the sound quality of the original Echo has been something of a talking point amongst audiophiles, this is probably good news, though we’d temper it with the fact that if they get it wrong, this could be very expensive turd-polishing exercise.

That said, if it’s good, it’ll be a damn site cheaper than the Google Home Max we recently reviewed with a rumoured price tag of £75. That said, there’ll be some who question why it takes an extra £75 to make something work “properly”. Different strokes and all that.

The whole range is due to be launched later today in Seattle, which sends alarm bells as to whether we’ll see them in the UK in time for Santa as Amazon isn’t all about worldwide simultaneous launches.

Other rumoured products include the aforementioned microwave and some sort of in-car gadget (probably for the cigarette lighter) to rival Google’s Android Auto which launched Assistant integration in the UK this week.

Expect a waterfall of tat from third parties though, as an Alexa Gadgets toolkit was released yesterday. μ

Source : Inquirer

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