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AMD allocates Blighty fewer than 100 Radeon 7 GPUs, claims retailer

BRITS HOPING TO GET their mitts on AMD’s new Radeon VII GPU might be disappointed, as one retailer has claimed there could be fewer than 100 available in the UK when it launches tomorrow. 

The Radeon 7, which AMD is proudly-touting as the “world’s first” 7nm GPU, goes on sale in Blighty tomorrow, but you’ll likely have to be quick if you want one. 

In a post on the Overclockers UK forum, via Bit-Tech, the retailer’s purchasing manager Andrew Gibson claims that Blighty has been allocated fewer than 100 Radeon VII graphics cards for launch, and claims company accounts for around half that stock alone.

In a follow-up comment, however, Gibson revised his estimates, telling buyers that “if all goes well tomorrow, we have: 30+ Sapphire; 20+ MSI; 10+ Gigabyte; 10+ Powercolor; 6 Asus,’ for a total of at least 76 cards.”

Still, that’s still a pitiful amount for a flagship product launch, and it ties in with earlier rumours which claimed that the Radeon 7 would be available in “strictly limited” quantities at launch. Industry sources speaking to TweakTown said that Team Red will product only 5,000 units of the GPU initially, speculating that the lacklustre supply could be due to the card’s pricey 16GB HBM2 memory.

AMD told INQ it “doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation”, but it last month assured fans there would be enough supply to meet demand: “While we don’t report on production numbers externally, we will have products available via AIB partners and at launch of Feb. 7, and we expect Radeon VII supply to meet demand from gamers”. 

Perhaps it’s expecting demand in the UK to be for less 100 units; we know for sure that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang won’t be queuing to pick one up. µ

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