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AMD Radeon Pro WX8200 packs 10.8 teraflops of pixel pushing power

WHILE WE WAIT for Nvidia to pull its finger out and reveal its next-gen GPUs, AMD has gone ahead and touted another Quadro-rivalling graphics card.

The Radeon Pro WX8200 is graphics card aimed at the type of professional content creators that have spent all their spare cash on loud t-shirts or moustache wax but now need a dose of graphics power on a budget.

Team Red’s card appears to be geared up for that scenario. The GPU comes with 10.8 teraflops of pixel pushing power thanks to using the Vega 10 architecture paired with 8GB of ECC RAM. On paper, it offers performance that doesn’t lag too far behind AMD’s top dog pro GPU, the WX9100.

However, the WX8200 comes in a $999 (some £780|) which is pretty much half the price of its beefier sibling. That does mean it comes with half the RAM and disables compute units and fewer stream processors, but it should still offer plenty of bang for the buck for video and photo editors that can’t make do with consumer-grade graphics.

“This powerful new workstation graphics card empowers creators to improve collaboration among remote teams with VR, create exciting new cinematic experiences and visualise their creations with ease, all at an incredible price point,” spouted said Ogi Brkic, general manager of Radeon Pro at AMD.

One interesting feature of the Radeon Pro cards over their consumer siblings is the presence of AMD’s Secure Processors, which carves out a virtual “secure world” within the GPU designed to protect workloads that contain sensitive data and intellectual properties that should only be run with trusted applications. An interesting extra for security-conscious designers or CAD wranglers.

Slated for release this month this month online and in shops come September, you can expect the Radeon Pro WX8200 to pop up in desktop workstations and professional custom-made PCs before too long, especially as the graphics card looks like it’ll give Nvidia’s Quadro Pro GPUs a run for their money. µ

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