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AMD Threadripper 2990X leak suggests it’ll be much cheaper than Intel’s i9-7980XE chip

AN OVERLY-KEEN German retailer has potentially revealed how much AMD’s upcoming Threadripper 2990X will cost. 

Videocardz spotted the since-removed listing at Cyperport, which listed the 32-core CPU with a €1,509 (around £1,300) price-tag, making it roughly €500 more expensive than AMD’s 16-core Threadripper 1950X at launch.

However, it also makes the CPU almost €500 cheaper than Intel’s Core i9-7980XE flagship, despite the fact that AMD’s 32-core chip will likely offer close to double the performance of the lesser-spec, 18-core chip. 

Of course, given that AMD has yet to officially show off the Threadripper 2990X, it remains to be seen whether this leaked pricing is accurate. 

Still, although it hasn’t been revealed officially, the 32-core, 64-thread processor was teased at this year’s Computex, a mere day after Intel came out swinging with its own teased 28-core processor

The CPU is based on AMD’s second-generation Zen+ architecture and will be built around the 12nm process found in Ryzen 2 processors, with the chipmaker boasting that it’s 32-core, 64-thread setup makes the Threadripper 2 ideal for those with heavy multi-core processor workloads, such as 4K video rendering and editing or gaming and streaming at the same time.

The Threadripper 2990X is compatible with the same TR4 socket as its predecessors, so people wanting to upgrade from a first-gen Threadripper CPU will be able to do so without needing a new motherboard or RAM.

AMD didn’t reveal any benchmarks or like-for-like comparisons of Threadripper 2’s performance against its predecessors but leaked benchmarks last week confirmed a base clockspeed of 3.4GHz and boost clockspeed of 4GHz.

Overclocker HKEPC was able to push the Threadripper 2990X to a speed of 4.12GHz across all cores while running at 1.38 volts, which turned out a score of 6,399 in Cinebench R15.

This failed to match Intel’s as-yet-unnamed 28-core, 56-thread processor, which when overclocked runs at 5GHz and raked in 7,334 points in Cinebench R15. However, when both chips are left at stock settings, the Threadripper beats its rival, scoring 6,243 points to Intel’s 5,912. µ 

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