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AMD will showcase next-gen gaming gear at E3 2019

AMD will showcase next-gen gaming gear at E3 2019

Expect to see some new Radeon cards get shown off at E3

LISTEN UP AMD FANS, you should mark the 10 June in you calendar as Team Red has confirmed it will be revealing some next-gen gaming gear at E3.

We have no confirmation on what products it will show off, but it would be a reasonably safe bet that we’ll see a showcase of the upcoming third-generation Ryzen processors and perhaps a glimpse at the next-generation Radeon graphics cards built around the company’s Navi architecture.

AMD will almost certainly use E3 to show off the gaming chops of its new Ryzen chip, which are being built on the Zen 2 7-nanometre architecture and promise a decent performance hike compared to the first and second-generation CPUs.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see custom PCs built around new AMD processors and perhaps the Navi GPUs. There could even be a line up of laptops sporting AMD parts configured for decent portable gaming power, notably for eSports games.

It’ll be pretty likely that AMD will have plenty to say about the chipset it’s providing for Sony’s PlayStation 5, which will use a Zen 2-based CPU and graphics built around the Navi architecture. We expect to see the PlayStation 5 get revealed around E3 time as well, though the Japanese electronics giant won’t be attending E3 directly this year.

There’s a good chance a new Xbox console will be revealed in Microsoft’s E3 showcase, and that it could use an AMD chipset as well. As such, we could get a tech lowdown on that from AMD as well.

As it stands, all we know for sure it AMD will have stuff to show off at E3. But all signs point to Team red having a fair bit to talk about, and we suspect it’ll be a good year for AMD. µ

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