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AMD’s latest Radeon GPU drivers quietly bring in 4K Netflix streaming support

WITHOUT MUCH FUSS AMD has brought 4K Neftlix support to its Radeon graphics cards with an update to its Adrenalin Edition drivers.

The 18.4.1 drivers for the hyperbolically named driver software brought in support for the Windows 10 April Update as well as some fixes for known issues in a suite of triple-A games.

But it’s the addition of support for Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 that’s the noteworthy addition. PlayReady 3.0 is Redmond’s digital rights management tool that is needed to stream Netflix to PCs as the 4K resolution.

Intel and Nvidia GPUs have offered PlayReady 3.0 support for a while, so AMD has been on the back foot in offering that feature until now.

Of course, support for the PlayReady 3.0 is one thing, streaming 4K Netflix to a compatible laptop or desktop is another.

For a start, a 4K display or monitor that supports the HDCP 2.2 copy protection encryption specification is a must. Then people after super-sharp Netflix will need to subscribe to Netflix’s Premium service, which is the company’s most expensive plan and costs £9.99 a month as opposed to the £7.99 for HD streaming or £5.99 for standard definition streaming.

Even after you have a compatible display and have forked out for a top-tier subscription, you’ll still want to make sure your broadband has the bandwidth to stream 4K. Then to make matters worse, you’ll have to use the Edge browser as opposed to Chrome or Firefox.

So while it’s nice to see AMD catching up with Nvidia and Intel, the steps to get 4K Netflix streaming on Windows 10 machines may seem a bit too much for some folks.

Given many modern TVs come sporting 4K resolutions and a Netflix app baked into their software, getting ultra high-definition Netflix may be easier that way than coaxing PC hardware and software to the right specs. µ

Source : Inquirer

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