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AMD’s Threadripper 2 is a 32-core chip to send Intel packing

Your move Intel…

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE winner in the CPU wars and AMD looks to beat Intel in the ‘mine’s got more cores than yours’ race with its 32-core Threadripper 2 chip.

Set to ship this year, Threadripper 2 was revealed at Computex 2018 a mere day after Intel came out swinging with a teased 28-core processor. Only Team Red has more details to back up its bluster.

Based on AMD’s second-generation Zen+ architecture – Zen being the processor architecture that helped make AMD more competitive with Intel after years of swimming in the latter’s wake – the flagship CPUs will be built around the 12nm process found in Ryzen 2 processors.

Backing up the 32 cores are 64 threads, which should make Threadripper 2 an appealing chip to people with heavy multi-core processor workloads, such as 4K video rendering and editing or gaming and streaming at the same time, something the kids seem to love to do these days.

Rather usefully, Threadripper 2 is compatible with the same TR4 socket as its predecessors, so while it’s not likely to be a cheap chip, people wanting to upgrade from Threadripper 1 will be able to do so without needing a new motherboard or RAM.

AMD didn’t reveal any benchmarks or like-for-like comparisons of Threadripper 2’s performance against its predecessors, so how much of an upgrade it is we can’t be sure of. But the extra core and thread count is bound to offer a performance hike and make it the chip for people new to Threadripper to opt for when it comes out in the third quarter of 2018.

There’s no word on price either, but the first top-end Threadripper chip was going for £799 on Overclockers, so we’d expect Threadripper 2 to come in a little higher than that, certainly at launch, though AMD does a good job of keeping its chips priced competitively almost to spite Intel. µ

Source : Inquirer

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