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AMD’s Threadripper 2990X takes on Intel’s 28-core CPU in leaked benchmarks

GRASS GROWS, BIRDS TWEET, DATA LEAKS, it’s all an inevitable part of life. So it’ll come as  no surprise that benchmarks for AMD’s incoming Threadripper 2990X CPU  have cropped up online.

The 32-core, 65-thread processor is AMD’s planned trumping of Intel’s teased 28-core CPU, only Team Red was a little more open with about the top-of-the-line CPU’s specifications, albeit tight-lipped on benchmarking details. 

That, er, duty fell to HKEPwhich got a sneak peek of the Threadripper 2990X and had the chance to benchmark it. We’re not sure if the Hong Kong hardware site was allowed to mention the benchmarks, but it shoved them online anyway.

Revealing a base clock around 3.4GHz and boost clockspeed of 4GHz, HKEPC was able to push the Threadripper 2990X to a speed of 4.12GHz across all cores while running at 1.38 volts. That overclock turned out a score of 6,399 in Cinebench R15.

Intel’s as-yet-unnamed 28-core, 56-thread processor has the Threadripper 2990X pipped at the post despite its superior core count, however, as if Intel’s Computex 2018 showcase – hat tip to The Tech Report –  is to be believed, the CPU when overclocked runs at 5GHz and raked in 7,334 points in Cinebench R15.

However, when both chips are left at stock settings, the Threadripper beats its rival, according to HKEPC, scoring 6,243 points to Intel’s 5,912.

Differences between the chips are not hugely significant and they are likely to both smash normal and multi-threaded workloads, though we suspect they’ll gulp a good dollop of power when doing so and are not likely to be the cheapest CPUs around; Intel’s chips are generally more expensive than AMD’s and we suspect a 28-core CPU will be quite that wallet-emptying part.

The odd ‘frenemy’ relationship continues to blossom between AMD and Intel, with the two chipmakers working together to put their CPU and GPU tech on one chip, while also throwing some light shade around.

This competition between the two chipmakers is good news for PC fans as they keep pushing each other to make better chips year-on-year, breaking the grip Intel had for some year on the mid to high-end chip market. µ

Source : Inquirer

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