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Angry Google+ users form support network on

SOME STRANGE PEOPLE have taken to the internet because their thing that they like that no-one else does is being shut down for being rubbish and threatening their personal data and the like.

A petition on popular echo chamber is beseeching Google to keep on the official floggers-of-the-dead-horse that is Google+, for the benefit of the few agoraphobic dwellers of the baronies and fiefdoms within.

At present, the anti-social-social-network is on death row, with a chair date of August 2019. The framework of Google+ will remain for GSuite users who wish to build private or internal networks of a Yammer-come-Sharepoint nature.

So far 31,000 have signed the petition, each with a story of how they know its absolute bobbins but they go there anyway.

“It’s garbage”, one user told SlashGear. “But it’s our garbage”.

The garbage isn’t just being tossed out because it isn’t being used, but because Google discovered a significant security flaw that, if exploited, would have given hackers access to literally tens of users data.

The decision was taken because it wasn’t financially justifiable to keep putting BandAids on the old warhorse if its main purpose was for a few hundred people at a time complaining about how much worse it is than Orkut.

So, yeah, in a sense it was because it’s not being used.

Social networks are one area that Google just doesn’t seem to be able to get a handle on. With Google Buzz causing privacy issues before it was a thing, and Google Wave so ahead of its time that nobody understood it, less still the invite policy, Google+ was very much a third strike.

Yet, somehow that doesn’t seem as important as it did at the time of launch. Tech companies have found loftier heights and deeper niches.

So whilst a petition to defend Google+ is a feather in the hat of democracy, it’s got about as much chance of succeeding as that Tom from MySpace t-shirt business we regret starting. μ

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