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Apple accidentally confirms the Mac Pro’s September release date

Apple accidentally confirms Mac Pro's September release date

You’ll be able to grate large volumes of cheese come September

APPLE’S MARKETING BOSS Phil Schiller is probably fuming right now as it appears the release date of the Mac Pro has prematurely popped up on Apple’s website.

The Cupertino crew has been reasonably tight-lipped on revealing a proper launch date for the cheese grater computer outside of ‘fall; which is American for autumn because Yanks a need more literal name for the month in which the trees drop their leaves.

But thirsty Apple followers 9to5Mac noticed that the ‘Notify Me’ link of the Mac Pro section of Apple’s website, which wants clickers to submit an email address to be kept up-to-date on the machine’s release date, found that the pop-up dialogue box said the Mac Pro is coming in September.

That’s not exactly a revelation, as there are only three autumn months to choose from, but it does kinda mess up Apple’s whole ‘let’s be dickishly secret about this for no good reason’ vibe.

Apple has since rectified the issue and the pop-up box now says “coming this fall”, which is groaningly typical of Apple. Though we speculate the whoever was responsible for the release date slip up has probably been consigned to the iDungeon, where they must sit in an immaculately white and clean room while videos of Jony Ive earnestly explain that what Apple has done is “start from the ground up”.

What remains under lock and key is the pricing for the Mac Pro. We know it starts at a hefty $5,999 (around £4,735) but there’s no pricing for a top-spec machine that’ll come with a 28-core Intel Xeon CPU and high-end Radeon Pro graphics. Apple’s probably keeping that quiet as the number is likely to be quite high and fuel for people to trip over themselves to spout ‘u mad Timmy?’ on Twitter.

We’ll have to play the waiting game and amuse ourselves on the cheaper Apple gear like the fifth-gen iPad mini. µ

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