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Apple filing suggests five new iPads, Macs will launch imminently

APPLE FANBOIS had better start saving, as the firm could be planning to launch as many as 10 new devices in the coming months. 

The evidence comes in the form of filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission, which requires devices featuring encryption to be pre-registered. The references to different OSes indicate that Apple is planning is planning to launch five MacBook laptops and five new iPads.

Three of the laptops are believed to be 13in and 15in MacBook Pros, with Apple offering a version of the 13in laptop without its largely-useless Touch Bar ‘feature’.

The other two macOS devices are expected to be a refreshed 12in MacBook and a replacement for the now-ageing MacBook Air.

The five iOS devices have all been identified as tablet PCs, rather than iPhones, although the Eurasian Economic Commission received filings for eleven iPhone models back in April. While the filing provides little details about the actual models, that hasn’t stopped anyone from speculating.

MacRumors suggests that Apple is planning a number of new iPad Pro models with slimmer edges, upgraded CPU, Apple’s custom-built GPU and a camera capable of supporting Apple’s Face ID biometric authentication technology.

However, the filings raise some question marks over the operating systems – macOS 10.13 in the case of the MacBooks, and iOS 11 for the iPads. This suggests that the new MacBooks will be launched before the release of Apple’s next macOS update, macOS 10.14 Mojave, while Apple normally releases updates to iOS in conjunction with major iPad and iPhone launches.

The filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission were spotted by French hardware site

Earlier this week, freshly filed benchmarks were spotted on Geekbench suggesting that Apple was planning to launch new MacBooks based on Intel Coffee Lake Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs.

The new MacBooks could be the last new products from Apple based on Intel microprocessors, with the company strongly rumoured to be planning a shift to ARM-based CPU architectures some time in 2020. µ

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