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Apple finally allows Steam Link onto the App Store

Apple finally allows Steam Link onto the App Store

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THEY SAY PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE, and that may have been true for Valve and its efforts to get its Steam Link app onto Apple’s iOS and tvOS.

The app, which allows games to be streamed from a Steam-equipped PC to an iPhone, iPad or Apple’s take on a telly-box, was originally shunned by the Cupertino crew due to “business conflicts“, but has – a full year later – finally been granted App Store access.

We have no indication as to what exactly those so-called conflicts were, especially as Steam Link doesn’t let people buy games and thus wouldn’t be competing directly with the App Store. But there’s a chance that if people could stream games to iOS and Apple TVs they’d be less likely to splash the cash on games and in-app purchases available through the Apple’s walled-garden.

Oddly enough, the PlayStation Remote Play app that enables PlayStation 4 games to be streamed to iOS devices was promptly green-lighted onto Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple’s move to allow the Steam Link app onto the App Store could be due to the fact it’s facing an antitrust lawsuit in the US over its alleged monopolistic practices; it would make sense for the firm to appear more open ahead of any court proceedings. But then this is just some educated guesswork, and Apple is known for doing stuff and not really explaining to the great unwashed why it did it.

As for Steam Link itself, there have been murmurers on places like Reddit that the streaming is very smooth without much lag, which is certainly welcome when it comes to game streaming.

Such streaming looks to be a big thing in the coming 12 months, what with Google’s Stadia streaming service looking to shake things up when it comes to gaming access, and Microsoft’s xCloud looks pretty impressive from the brief demos that have been showcased. Expect to hear more at E3 2019. µ

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