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Apple fixes another iOS 11 ‘text bomb’ bug that crashes iPhones, Macs

APPLE IS FIXING an iOS 11 glitch which causes iPhones and MacBooks to crash after receiving a single character in the Indian language Telugu.

The flaw was uncovered by Italian blog Mobile World and is said to affect most of the popular messaging apps including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It’s a pretty straightforward bug to evoke and is a result of Apple’s mobile operating system not being able to process the character, causing the popular messaging apps to fail as it attempts to process it.

Not all messaging apps are affected by the bug. Gmail and Outlook are affected, while Telegram and Skype are not.

According to The Verge, Apple is preparing another software update between now and iOS 11.3 that will address the problem, so get ready for the arrival iOS 11.2.6.

If you can’t wait to speak in Telugu until then, there’s a manual workaround for the bug to keep you going. You just need to go to the trouble of installing iOS beta 11.3, which addresses the problem, along with all current betas of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. As we are sure you are desperate to start speaking Telugu again as soon as poss.

While not a major issue for most users, this isn’t the first time Apple has experienced a glitch in iOS 11.

Back in November, yet another frustrating keyboard bug was found to be plaguing users of the mobile OS, with the word “it” automatically corrected to “I.T”.

It was widely reported at the time that “hundreds” of iOS 11 users moaned about the annoying glitch, which has reportedly been affecting iPhone users since the update was first released in September.

While INQ wasn’t able to replicate the bug, those affected have complained that when they type “it” into a text field, the keyboard first shows “I.T” as a QuickType suggestion. After tapping the space key, the word “it” automatically changes to “I.T” without actually tapping the predictive suggestion.

“I know that I can simply turn off autocorrect, but I actually want it on for most purposes,” one user whined on the Apple Support Forums. µ

Source : Inquirer

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