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Apple gets the backing of, er fanbois in Qualcomm patent spat

APPLE FANBOIS have rushed to defend the company in its ongoing patent spat with Qualcomm, alleging that the firm’s attempt to ban Intel-powered iPhones only “amplifies” anticompetitive behaviour. 

Last July, Qualcomm filed a motion with the US International Trade Commission requesting that it block the import and sale of iPhone and iPad devices using Intel modems, alleging that such devices are effectively using six Qualcomm patents “unfairly” and “unlawfully”.

The firm is also seeking a seeking a Cease and Desist Order barring further sales of infringing Apple products, along with “the marketing, advertising, demonstration, warehousing of inventory for distribution and use of those imported products in the United States”. 

Apple, which recently attempted to invalidate the six Qualcomm patents in question, has long-argued that  Qualcomm has been charging “unfair royalties” for tech it has nothing to do with. 

And it now has the backing of, er, consumers, who in a class-action motion filed with the Northern California District Court this week are calling on judge Lucy Koh to dismiss Qualcomm’s attempt to ban Intel-powered iPhones in the US, 9to5Mac reports.

Granting the ban “would freeze out Intel’s nascent challenge to Qualcomm’s illegal monopoly,” the consumers argue, adding that such a decision “would injure competition in a market already suffering from Qualcomm’s anticompetitive behaviour”. 

Consumers filed their suit in tandem with the US Federal Trade Commission, which filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm alleging that the chipmaker used anticompetitive practices in an attempt to squeeze rivals out of the market.

In its suit, filed last January, the FTC claims that the firm abused its dominance in baseband processors, which manage cellular communication in mobile devices, by imposing anticompetitive supply and licensing terms on smartphone manufacturers, who wouldn’t have access to the technology if they didn’t agree to Qualcomm’s terms.

Koh, who this week put an end to Apple and Samsung’s seven-year-long patent spat, is expected to make a decision in September. µ

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