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Apple gives the Mac Mini a proper refresh with Intel 8th-gen processors

APPLE HAS GIVEN THE MAC MINI A REFRESH with more ports and updated internals, prompting Apple to spout it’s the “most powerful Mac Mini ever made”.

The new Mac Mini, which has found favour among creative and coder types, now comes in the rather fetching Space Grey model, and offers loads of connectivity options in the form of an Ethernet port, HDMI, two USB-A ports, and four USB-C ports sporting Thunderbolt 3.

Under the hood of the rather compact chassis, Apple is offering the Mac Mini with the latest four and six-core eighth-gen Intel Core processors, offering more performance and integrated GPU power than the old Mac Mini.

RAM now goes up to 64GB running at 2666 MHz. while storage is all-flash, running at a claimed four times faster than the old Mini and going up to a healthy 2TB.

To keep data safe, Apple has made use of its T2 chip with secure enclave, which ensures that software loaded at the boot stage of the new Mini hasn’t been tampered with.

It also encrypts all the SSD’s data on-the-fly. As an added bonus the T2 chip also helps with high-resolution video editing as it comes with an HEVC video transcoder.

Despite packing in a suite of ports and more power, the 2018 Mac Mini still has the same footprint as its predecessor, which will please fans of the machine, not that we know many Mini users but, apparently, there are a fair few out there.

If you happen to be one of those people, there’s more good news as pre-orders for the new Mac Mini are live now and the machine will go on sale 7 November for a starting price of £799.

For other macOS fans, we’d suggest you go and check out the new MacBook Air, as the looks pretty sweet even for fans of Windows 10 machines. µ

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