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Apple HomePod won’t offer native Spotify, Bluetooth support

APPLE HAS OFFERED UP some unsurprising new details about its HomePod speaker, including the fact that you’ll need to own an iPhone in order to set it up.

Since Apple’s HomePod became available to pre-order last week, there has been confusion about the music it can play. Apple has clarified things by adding an “audio sources” section to HomePod’s tech spec webpage that confirms where you can play music from using the Siri-powered smart speaker.

Unsurprisingly, it’s bad news for those not tied into the Apple ecosystem, as the sources listed include iTunes Match, along with tracks purchased on iTunes, and Apple Music.

The site also notes that HomePod owners will be able to listen to Beats 1 radio and podcasts, and will be able to AirPlay content – such as tracks from Spotify and Google Play Music – to the speaker from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac.

AirPlay 2 isn’t supported yet, though, which means users won’t be able to create multi-room audio, nor is the automatic stereo pairing with two speakers in the same room. But, realistically, who can afford two £320 speakers anyway?

Siri voice commands should work with all music sources except content accessed via AirPlay, and to an iMore, you can ask Siri to play any songs you’ve purchased through iTunes regardless of whether you have an iTunes Match subscription or not.

While it’s unclear from Apple’s tech spec page, The Verge notes that there’s no regular Bluetooth support – even though there’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity inside the device, which means Apple Music subscribers with Android phones won’t be able to use the speaker.

What’s more, the HomePod requires an Apple device capable of running iOS 11 for the setup process. Because of course.

The Apple HomePod will start shipping in the UK next week and can be pre-ordered now at the Apple website. µ

Source : Inquirer

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