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Apple iMac Pro coming December 14 for a hefty $4,999

APPLE WILL release its iMac Pro on December 14, introducing the most powerful all-in-one computer it has ever made providing Cupertino worshipers have the cash to splash.

There’s naff all information on what configurations the iMac Pro will be offered in or how much it will cost, but various estimates are putting it at around $5,000.

That’s an eye-watering amount even for a device aimed at professional and enterprise use, but there’ll no doubt be some weapons-grade hipster creative industries types who’ll vow to forgo avocado on toast and drain their piggy banks to get hold of the fancy new iMac.

In fairness, for the price, Apple is loading the iMac Pro with an 18 core Intel Xeon processor, an AMD Radeon Vega-based graphics card, and giving the computer a retina-searing 5K display.

Of course, there’ll be PC enthusiasts amongst you who’ll be either weeping in despair or laughing themselves silly, noting that it’s cheaper to build a PC from scratch with comparable specs which can be upgraded over time.

The all-in-one nature of the iMac Pro means once you have it, you’re stuck with whatever innards Apple has plonked in the machine.

But iMac fans are likely not concerned about such things and will buy into the idea of a slick, well-made desktop that contains all it needs in one lump of gorgeous hardware, as opposed to a towering case an external monitor.

Rather annoyingly, Apple has provided a few YouTube types with the iMac Pro to have a play around with, while seemingly ignoring professional journalists trained to give objective and unbiased views, so we can’t really give our first impressions of the new machine. (Plus ca change, eh, Apple? – CM)

However, the videos floating around on YouTube paint the iMac Pro in a positive light, with the computer being seen as a powerful machine for video editing, though inevitably the question on whether it’s worth the massive price tag cropped up.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple can shift a whole load of iMac Pros or if it’s lost its touch a little and has gone too far in trying to squeeze the last few cents out of Apple fanatics. µ

Source : Inquirer

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