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Apple is reportedly working on a chip dedicated to crunching biometric data

AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY or so the old maxim goes, but now it looks like Apple’s tech might keep testicle-cupping clinicians at bay.

Or at least that’s likely the aim of the custom health chip Cupertino’s finest might be working on to crunch the biometric data gobbled up by the Apple Watch and other iDevices.

The clue to what the notoriously secretive firm is working on cropped up in the form of job listings reported by CNBCwhich hint at Apple looking to hire talent to work on a chip dedicated for health data processing.

“We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and sensing systems for future Apple products. We have openings for analogue as well as digital ASIC architects,” one listing says.

Another notes that Apple wants engineers to “help develop health, wellness, and fitness sensors”.

This would suggest that Apple is looking to double down on its efforts to make the iPhone and Apple Watch, with their suite of health-related apps and features, more centric to people who like to keep track of how the rigours of modem life; we know our editor and Apple Watch wearer/rescuee/idiot is a fan of filling her rings.

The listings have since been removed, so either Apple has already snapped up the engineering talent it’s after or decided the job postings are giving too much away; perhaps it doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of chipmakers that seem to have details of their next slices of silicon leaked all over the place.

All we’re really left with at this point is idle speculation. Here’s a dull one: such a custom chip would probably be best placed in a next-gen Apple Watch as close to the source of biometric data as possible, thereby being able to carry out analysis locally rather than relying on a connection to an iPhone or cellular network.

Here a left-field one: Apple wants to create a chip that will be used to create a supercomputer to hoover up Apple fanatics biometric data, process it and then use the data to create an army of Apple device touting clones; kinda like you only more pristine, immaculately turned out and every part of you ‘just works’.

Said army of clones will then use a secret cache of Galaxy Note 7 phablets, stockpiled ahead of the recall, to then launch a fire-bomb attack on US Congress after Tim Cook finally loses it at the need for Apple to constantly answer to government folks. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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