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Apple News+ offers tonnes of magazine subscriptions for $9.99 a month

Apple News+ offers tonnes of magazine subscriptions for $9.99 a month

Apple boosts news on iPhones with Apple News+

APPLE HAS REVEALED Apple News+, a take on its news app that comes stuffed with magazines bundled into a subscription service. 

Mags like National Geographic, Time and Vogue will be plonked in the app and wrapped up in a snazzy user interface, showcasing glossy snaps one would normally expect in mags only in a digital format. 

Some 300 magazines will be available through the app, which will come in a format that both suits flicking through content on an iPhone but allows users to also dive deep into say the photo in articles. 

So yeah, it’s basically a magazine app, which Apple had before it decided to let magazines have their own apps. But News+ comes with a much-improved interface that adapts to iPhone or iPads. 

The app also serves up top news and trending news stories customised to the user’s preferences as one would expect from the normal Apple News service. 

Despite rumours that the service was facing resistance for publishers over Apple’s revenue cut, News+ will also come with some heavy-hitting news brands like The Wall Street Journal and LA Times; there was no mention of The INQUIRER, but perhaps there was an error in the presentation’s autocue. 

Apple also noted that a lot of the personalisation the service offers takes place on an iPhone or iPad, which means the providers of the mags and news content can’t track you through what you’re reading. 

Apple News+ is available now with the latest version of iOS in the US and Canada and will set subscribers back by $9.99. And later this year the service will come to Europe, starting with good ol’ Blighty. µ

Source : Inquirer

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