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Apple not planning to merge iOS and macOS anytime soon, says Tim Cook

DESPITE ONGOING RUMOURS suggesting that Apple is planning to merge its iOS and macOS operating systems, the Cupertino firm’s CEO Tim Cook has finally disclosed that it won’t be happening any time soon.

When quizzed about the divide between macOS and iOS in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday, the chief exec said that it was why the company’s products worked so well.

“We don’t believe in sort of watering down one for the other. Both [The Mac and iPad] are incredible,” the CEO said.

“One of the reasons that both of them are incredible is because we pushed them to do what they do well. And if you begin to merge the two … you begin to make trade-offs and compromises.”

He continued:

“So maybe the company would be more efficient at the end of the day. But that’s not what it’s about. You know it’s about giving people things that they can then use to help them change the world or express their passion or express their creativity.

“So this merger thing that some folks are fixated on, I don’t think that’s what users want.

The rumors that Apple is planning on merging macOS and iOS, or at least integrating macOS features into iOS in order to make it a worthy replacement, has circulated for years. Probably because it’s something that at least a portion of regular users would like to see.

It’s sais that such a platform would make it easier for developers to share code between iOS and macOS versions of an app, without compromising the operating systems themselves in interface or functionality.

Nevertheless, Cook closed the interview by refusing to choose a favourite of the two platforms.  

“I generally use a Mac at work, and I use an iPad at home,” he added. “And I always use the iPad when I’m travelling. But I use everything and I love everything.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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