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Apple reckons it can teach iOS and macOS users to take good photos

APPLE HAS ANNOUNCED a new over-the-phone training program to teach iOS and macOS users how to use the Photos app.

Seemingly forgetting that YouTube exists and is flush with guides to doing everything from formatting a hard drive to boiling an egg, Apple reckons having telephone teachers on tap will make its fanbois fans photo-editing experts.

In a mere 30 minute session with a Photos specialist, Apple says it can change its users from being clack-handed croppers to folks who can white balance a black hole.

“The Photos app helps you organize and share your growing collection of photos and videos. It also includes a built-in set of editing tools that can improve your photos dramatically with one click, or let you fine-tune all the details,” Apple explained to anyone who’s too embarrassed to ask about Photos.

“Our specially trained Apple Support Advisors are experts in using Photos to transform pictures from good to amazing — and they’d love to show you how in a 30-minute guided phone session.”

A lot of people who we’ve seen use MacBooks and Photos on iOS are insufferable hipster types who spend valuable chunks of time in their cold-brew macchiato-fuelled lives selecting the best filter to really capture the “edginess of that puddle, my dude”.

So we suspect that they won’t take to kindly to being told that less filter is more by a voice over the blower.

And, despite Apple claiming its shop folks are ‘geniuses’, we expect that even the best Photos ninjas won’t be able to help people turn crap photos into works of art, given when it comes to photo-editing the source material needs to be good first before better results can be achieved.

Still, at least Apple is trying something a bit different here, which is a change from a lot of stuff it currently doeshow about a proper MacBook refresh Tim and Jony? – which could do with embracing its ancient motto of “think different”. µ

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