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Apple reportedly hires ex-Waymo engineer to help develop self-driving car tech

APPLE’S HAS REPORTEDLY grabbed an ex-Waymo engineer to work on its self-driving car project which doesn’t officially exist.

So says The Information, which was given the nod by someone briefed about Jamie Waydo, a big-deal engineer formerly part of Waymo’s autonomous vehicle division, moving to the Cupertino company.

All this points to Tim Cook’s crew ramping up its efforts to make driverless car tech be it a system that slots into the next wave of cars, or indeed an Apple Car.

According to the ever-spinning rumour mill, Apple’s self-driving car initiative is codenamed Titan, but despite the grandiose name, there’s naff all solid information out there on what exactly Apple is working on.

There were rumours last year that Apple was in cahoots with sports car maker McLaren, potentially buying out the UK carmaker. Given McLaren’s near-obsessive eye to engineering detail, it would have made, and perhaps could still make, a neat partner for Apple.

But so far there are only whispers, rumours and speculation about the work Apple is doing with autonomous cars. This is in polar opposite to Google, which has been openly testing its self-driving car tech publicly for a while – when we visited Mountain View back in 2016, we caught a glimpse at a self-driving car doing going about its merry way around the swish campus.

That being said, Apple apparently has the second largest autonomous car fleet in the US, though you’re not likely to recognise its self-driving cars as they’re almost certainly lacking and Apple branding. 

While Apple has a face-slappingly obvious reputation for secrecy, there’s an argument that it has been so secretive with its autonomous driving tech because it lags behind the other major tech firms and car companies also working on self-driving vehicles.

So having someone like Waydo onboard, with her experience gained from heading up systems engineering at Waymo, could be the shot in the arm Apple needs to get its driverless cars and tech out on the road. Or the appointment of Waydo could symbolise Apple is gearing up to show-off its tech to the world.

We’ll have to wait and see. But if we’re really being honest, we’d rather Apple sacked-off any work with self-driving cars and instead gave us updated MacBook Pros and a redesigned MacBook, of which all signs pointed towards with WWDC 2018 but no hardware was revealed. µ

Source : Inquirer

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