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Apple reportedly looks to BT to kickstart pay TV ambitions

APPLE IS SAID to be in talks with BT in an attempt to kickstart its pay TV ambitions.

The plan would see BT roll out an Apple TV service via the EE brand, giving access to brands like BT Sport and AMC as part of the package.

EE was chosen over its parent as it is seen as resonating more closely with the tech-savvy youth market.

Who knows, we might even get a proper All4 app on Apple TV.

Apple has been trying to get into the pay TV game for some time, but seems to be scuppered at every turn, with reports that Tim Cook himself found initial plans ‘boring’.

For BT, it’s good news too, giving it a potential audience for its sports services which, thanks to their tranche of the Premier League live rights, needs all the cash it can get to keep turning a profit.

At this stage, the nature of the deal is still under wraps, so we’re not sure if this is about giving out EE branded Apple TV boxes or carriage of Apple content on the existing BT TV and EE TV networks.

What is important here is that for Apple, as late arrivals to the market, it would be a ready-made market of potential customers that will save them from building up from scratch against ever more fierce competition.

The only slight problem is that BT and EE use completely different technologies – BT uses a fork of the YouView platform, whilst EE has a fully IPTV based approach.

Recent murmurings from EE have included ditching the hardware platform, and it would be more than a happy accident if somehow the two giants could leverage their synergies or whatever it is executives say.

The UK plan would be nothing new. Existing arrangements are already in place with Switzerland’s Salt, and both Verizon and AT&T offer a hook up in the USA. μ

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