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Apple to kill off the iPhone X and iPhone SE due to ‘pent-up demand’ for 2018 models

Apple to kill off the iPhone X and iPhone SE due to ‘pent-up demand’ for 2018 models

APPLE IS REPORTEDLY planning to discontinue the iPhone X and iPhone SE this year, due to “pent-up demand” for its incoming iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus.

That’s according to BlueFin Research, who said in a research note seen by Barron’s that Apple is planning to soon cease production of the iPhone X and iPhone SE in order to accommodate the expected demands for its next-generation iPhones.

It also cites a lack of demand for Apple’s most-expensive and cheapest smartphones, noting that strong demand for this year’s handsets is due in large part to the “lack of upgrade activity over the past few years”.

Matching up nicely with earlier rumours, BlueFin claims Apple’s 2018 lineup will comprise of the 6.1in LCD iPhone 9, and the 6.8in and 6.5in OLED-equipped iPhone 11 and 11 Plus.

The note says that Apple will manufacture 91 million units of its new 2018 iPhones during the latter two quarters of this year, and a further 92 million units for the first two quarters of 2019. 

The analysts expect Apple to make 28 million iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 units in the third quarter, 64 million in the Christmas quarter, and then 46 million iPhones in each of the following two quarters.

The research notes that actual shipments will reach 20 million, 60 million, 45 million, and 40 million, respectively.

Although the iPhone X is expected to disappear from Apple’s lineup later this year, BlueFin notes that the iPhone 8 likely will stick around at the lower-end of the market.

“The iPhone 11 Plus should satisfy those unhappy with the iPhone X due to size concerns, while the iPhone 9 device should satisfy more budget-conscious buyers and the aforementioned extension of the iPhone 8 model builds will round out a fairly extensive line-up,” BlueFin says.

The analysts don’t mention whether the iPhone SE – also rumoured to be killed off in Q3 this year – will get a replacement, but recent rumours claimed that the rumoured iPhone SE 2 is unlikely to make an appearance any time soon, if at all. µ

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