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Apple Watch 4 has bigger screen, more power and might save your life

APPLE HAS WHACKED OUT another Apple Watch to make filling your rings a more “profound” experience and help get ahead of any heart defects.

While it comes with all the normal watchOS gubbins, the Apple Watch Series 4 rocks a refreshed user interface with one watchface that comes stuffed with all manner of information and pics; it looks a bit noisy to us and probably isn’t something Jonny Ive had a hand in.

The hardware has been tweaked as well, with the two sizes – 40mm and 44mm – rocking screens that are more than 30 per cent larger than the Series 3 watch despite offering a slimmer chassis.

The digital crown has been completely re-engineered and now comes with haptic feedback to make menu navigation more precise.

The speaker in the watch has also been redesigned to be 50 per cent louder so you can better bother folks on the bus when playing music through your watch, you bloody futuristic fellow.

Cellular signals also get a boost thanks to some fiddling with the watch’s new ceramic rear, so you can gabble into your watch like a nutty Power Ranger.

Battery life is the same as the Apple Watch 3 at 18 hours. With the GPS activated you can get six hours of running or wandering around.

The watch comes with Apple’s new S4 chipset that sports a dual-core 64bit processor and new GPU to be two times faster than the old S3 chip. So that means more effective data collection, including sucking up accelerometer and gyroscopic info.

You might wonder why that’s good; well Apple noted the Apple Watch 4 can detect a fall, in case you trip and don’t realise it. From detecting a fall the watch can prompt you to send an emergency alert, but if you’re immobile for more than a minute it will call the emergency services and send a message to key contacts.

Speaking of detection the Apple Watch Series 4 can now screen your heart rhythm for irregularities to see if your suffering from atrial fibrillation (which isn’t good) and can also detect low heart rates and alert wearers that the end could be nigh.

One genuinely cool feature is the watch now has sensors that allow for it to take an electrocardiogram (EKG) scan to detect heart issues from a touch of the digital crown, thanks to tapping into the power of the S4 chip.

The data will then be fed back into the Health app on a linked iPhone and used to create a PDF based on the EKG reading that can be sent on to a doctor. And thanks to Food and Drug Administration approval, the data is all legit to be used in the delivery of healthcare, at least in the US.

The Jim bloke noted the Apple Watch Series 4 is “an intelligent guardian for your health” which seems pretty apt to be fair.

Right, to the brass…..well Space Grey tacks; the Apple Watch Series 4 comes in Silver, Gold and Space Grey standard colours, with stainless steel designs coming in ‘polished’ Space Black and gold versions.

Starting at $399, some £300, for the base version of the Series 4, the price hikes up to $499, around £389, for the cellular model. This has the knock-on effect of reducing the starting price of the Apple Watch Series 3 to $279, around £213.

You can pre-order the watch from 14 September in time for 21 September release and watchOS 5 will pop along 17 September. And that’s about it; your move Google and Samsung. µ

Source : Inquirer

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