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Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pros have a speaker crackling problem

APPLE’S LATEST MacBook Pros are already proving to be prone to borkage, with users’ complaining of intermittent crackling from the built-in speakers. 

Just weeks after Apple was forced to push out a fix for a throttling issue plaguing its new MacBooks, users have started to moan about a crackling issue affecting the laptops’ built-in speakers, MacRumours reports. 

One user who took to Reddit to vent about the problem likened the sound of the crackling to “someone blowing down the edge of a paper really hard”, while others have posted videos demonstrating the borkage to YouTube (below). 

The crackling seemingly occurs intermittently under different conditions, such as listening to music in iTunes or GarageBand, watching videos on YouTube, and even when running Windows in Boot Camp. 

“I’ve had this problem as well, especially in GarageBand. My assumption is that it is a driver issue, not a hardware issue, so I’m holding off on asking for a replacement,” one user said, optimistically.

“Hopefully this doesn’t cause any actual damage to the speaker membranes as that would suck,” another added.

Others are complaining that, rather than crackling, they’ve suffered sound suddenly cutting out, while another moaned that they’re experiencing a delay when hooking up headphones to their new MacBook. 

It’s unclear what’s causing the borkage too, although many are speculating that it’s a driver issue rather than an issue with faulty speakers. If so, it shouldn’t take Apple too long to push out a fix, as the firm suffered a similar, albeit more widespread issue with its 2016 MacBook Pros

According to MacRumours, at least one user claims the issue may have been fixed in the latest macOS Mojave beta, which is unconfirmed. Another user claimed that Apple engineers are looking into the matter. 

Others have shared potential workarounds for the cracking issue, which include resetting the System Management Controller and NVRAM, disabling ‘Hey Siri’, or simply rebooting. 

Apple, naturally, hasn’t yet said anything about the issue. We’ve asked them for comment, but don’t expect to receive a response. µ

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