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Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pros stealthily fix ‘flexgate’ display borkage

Apple's 2018 MacBook Pros should be less susceptible to dodgy display connections

Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pros should be less susceptible to dodgy display connections

APPLE HAS QUIETLY fixed the so-called ‘flexgate’ problem in its MacBook Pro machines from 2016 onwards that caused uneven display lighting.

Cupertino solved the problem, which threw up unsightly stage-like lighting on the usually slick Retina display, by stealthily replacing the display cable in the latest MacBook Pro models.

Gadget wreckers iFixit noticed that Apple has added in a display cable that’s 2mm longer than the cable found in previous MacBook Pro models dating back to 2016 when Apple redesigned the MacBook Pros. As a result, there’s less strain put on the cable when the laptop’s lid is opened, thereby reducing the rate of failure over time.

It’s a pretty easy fix by the looks of it, but for an after-market fix the entire screen needed to be replaced to repair the cable. That meant a replacing a cheap $6 part turned into a $600 repair job.

As such, fixing the problem at the point of manufacture makes a lot more sense and removes the risk of making MacBook Pro users sick to their core when their display decides to look like it’s about to showcase a production of Phantom of the Opera.

There are some noteworthy points here. Firstly, Apple appears to have shunned a sip out of the mea culpa bottle and decided not to acknowledge flexgate at all, but fix the issue on the down-low.

Secondly, we’ve yet to hear that the fix completely removes the risk of the odd backlighting appearing. If it hasn’t, the core design of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros is still intact, meaning if a screen comes over a bit Palladium, then the Retina display will still need to be removed.

Thirdly, we’re not sure whether all MacBook Pro models from 2018 have the longer display cable in them, though iFixit reckons this could be the case.

All things considered, given Apple charges quite a price for its Mac machines, it’s confusing as to how such a flaw made it into the MacBook Pros in the first place. Where was Jony Ive and his overly-earnest waxing on design and materials, as surely he’d have spotted the problem…  the guy has a knighthood for goodness sake. µ

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