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Apple’s Fifth Avenue store has been accidentally planting bugs on visitors

Apple's Fifth Avenue store has been accidentally planting bugs on visitors

‘Goooood. Gooooood. Hop my pretties*…’

APPLE HAS had record numbers of visitors to its flagship Fifth Avenue New York store in the past few weeks. The only problem is, they’re thoroughly unwelcome.

No, it’s not an invasion of Android users, but it does involve bugs. Bed bugs to be precise.

The New York Post reports that the store has been battling the infestation of parasitic freeloaders for several weeks, but the store has remained trading normally more-or-less throughout.

Although first discovered weeks ago on a table on the second floor, it was only when the management suite was found to be carrying the little blighters that ticked-off employees freaked out.

The first sighting was handled by cordoning off the table, which is very important because it’s a well-known fact that bed bugs always respect the sanctity of a velvet rope.

Eventually, a bed-bug sniffing pooch was brought in and tracked the possible source to staff lockers, but by then, the damage was done.

An exterminator found nothing, but further sightings were made by the overnight team who frequently include homeless visitors to the store.

The exterminator came back for some “preventative spraying” – but the 24-hour store remained open throughout, aside from one six-hour stretch whilst the company handled what was billed as a “water leak”.

Workers speaking to the NYP claim that on arriving for their shift, they were given no information and didn’t even notice the store was closed (doesn’t speak well of its ‘always open’ popularity.

Staff were finally told over the weekend that the outbreak that they knew nothing about, officially, was ‘contained’ and ‘over’. The team weren’t even offered a bug-bounty for capturing the little bleeders. 

Whether that proves to be the case or not remains to be seen – after all, if an exterminator couldn’t find bed bugs that were in the building, how can there possibly be an all-clear? We’d scratch that if we were they.

Bed bugs are a serious problem and can affect anyone. In fact, bed bug extermination is one of the most regularly searched “How To” terms on Google. μ

*The INQUIRER would like to point out that bed bugs can’t actually hop. They simply transfer to clothes or skin through close contact. But “walk my pretties….” sounded bobbins.  

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Source : Inquirer

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